Kittsee Summer Festival Premiere Die Gigeln von Wien

Source: TV21 Austria (Glomex)

"To be a Gigel, that's fine, not everyone can be a Gigel..." That's the motto of the club of the Viennese Gigerln, Viennese pioneers of a lifestyle that their Anglo-Saxon imitators, the dandies, brought to perfection. An old Viennese musical farce in four scenes by Josef Wimmer and Carl Kleiber. Eduard Strobl Hatter Gerhard Ernest Resi his wife Alexandra Reinprecht mr v Watzdorf Chairman of the Gigerl Club Peter Edelman Matthias Gesselhuber detective Serge Falk Hansi Stelzer Heurigen singer Elizabeth Black Gustav Stiglitz folk singer Michael C Havlicek Poldi apprenticeship girl Mariella Hofbauer FerdinandOber Emil valet Peter Horak Members of the Gigerlclub: Sax Benedict Volz Ebermann Anton Puscha Kronhauser Benjamin Kopp Somary Eric Bartos


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