Again it hits the Wetsallgäu - Iller and Ostrach carry a lot of water

Source: (Glomex)

Only last weekend, the Western Allgäu was hit by several storms, now it was hit again. In Scheidegg, roads were flooded and covered with debris. Surrounding fields also turned into small streams, carrying wood and debris with them. Within 6 hours, about 53 liters per square meter fell in the Western Allgäu, in some places it was almost 75 liters per square meter. There were isolated wheel loaders in use to clear the roads of debris. Iller and Ostrach full of water It also rained intensively in the Upper Allgäu, but a reporting level of the Iller or Ostrach was not reached. Occasionally, bicycle and foot paths were not passable, so the underpass at the Iller bridge near Sigishofen was flooded and impassable. At the Ostrach in Sonthofen, the water masses raged over the rocks and turned the otherwise calm river into a gushing body of water. However, the strong current and the large amount of water did not deter kayakers and rafters, who rafted on the Iller and Ostrach rivers in spite of everything.


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