KS Tomasz Konieczny & Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lech Napierala about Singfest novacivitas - Liedkunst für den Frieden

Source: TV21 Austria (Glomex)

WIENER NEUSTADT 12. - 14. 06. 2022 Liedkunst verbindet. World-famous singers perform alongside young artists at the Singfest Nova Civitas. Their common passion is singing in its finest form: the Lied. Their common vision is: to work for peace with the art that moves souls and hearts. Kammersänger Tomasz Konieczny, the artistic director of the festival, has invited young female artists from Ukraine to the Singfest Nova Civitas 2022. In each concert, songs from Ukraine will be heard alongside famous works from the classical-romantic repertoire. Song art for peace. Welcome to the Singfest Nova Civitas 2022!


singfest nova civitas

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