The Mozart Automat - Presentation of the DVD for the opera

Source: TV21 Austria (Glomex)

It is certainly disturbing that Mozart should have been the product of a mad genius. An automaton artificially created with a technology that is now forgotten. So artificial intelligence already in the 18th century? It is possible that the story was misspelled. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died in Vienna on December 5, 1791. The cause of death remained a mystery. And to this day it is not known where and if he was buried at all. But the much more crucial question is this: What if something by Mozart is still alive? - In the chamber opera: "The Mozart automaton" one learns something almost unbelievable about it Associations with punk run through the text by the author Claudia Toman. An all-female orchestra under the direction of the conductor Petra Giacalone is the best prerequisite for convincingly conveying to the audience emotionally intense and sometimes deliberately harsh and shocking instrumental colors. As in a mystical crime film, the acting personage first gropes in the dark until light comes into the inner and outer scenery and the question remains in the art space: who is the author, the composer or the designer...? The aim of the project is to open up new worlds of thought and sound spaces


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