Serious traffic accident near Wangen: Four people seriously injured

Source: (Glomex)

On the road between Wangen im Allgäu and Neuravensburg, a serious traffic accident occurred on Tuesday afternoon with four people injured. According to police, at shortly after 17:00, a 78-year-old Hyundai driver coming from the direction of Primisweiler wanted to turn left at the Niederwangen intersection. In doing so, he took the right of way of a 53-year-old female driver of a Renault, who was on her way to Neuravensburg. The 53-year-old attempted to swerve, but the two cars collided. All occupants taken to hospital At the time of the accident, a 79-year-old female passenger and a 14-year-old male passenger were still sitting in the Hyundai, or the Renault. Like the 78-year-old driver and the 53-year-old female driver, they suffered serious injuries as a result of the accident. The Hyundai driver and the 14-year-old passenger in the Renault were injured so severely that they were taken to hospital by helicopter. The 78-year-old had to be rescued from his car by the fire department. The 53-year-old female driver of the Renault and the 79-year-old female passenger of the Hyundai were also taken to hospital by the emergency services. There was also a dog in the Hyundai. However, he appeared to be fine after the accident. The police took him temporarily to an animal shelter. 18,000 euros in damage The damage to the Hyundai caused by the accident amounts to about 10,000 euros. The Renault suffered damage of about 8,000 euros. Several police, fire and rescue service personnel were involved in the accident. The road was closed for a long time.


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