Polizeiruf 110 crime check - "The light that the dead see"

Source: Entertainment Media Group AG (Glomex)

A dead girl, wrapped in plastic, buried. No usable traces. No concrete clues. One dead girl is not enough, there are even two of them in the Polizeiruf. What can you tell us about both of them, Philipp Münscher? Detective Inspector Elisabeth "Bessie" Eyckhoff (Verena Altenberger) tries to solve the murder of 16-year-old Laura Schmidt and faces an almost insurmountable task. Together with Dennis Eden (Stephan Zinner), who has also joined the homicide squad in the meantime, Bessie searches for clues and comes across an earlier case: the disappearance of Anne Ludwig, who was also 16 at the time.


of dead polizeiruf

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