Hail on the A7 - Flooded underpass in Sonthofen

Source: (Glomex)

Also in the Oberallgäu there was a storm on Thursday afternoon. Between Oberstdorf and Fischen, several centimeters of hail came down from the sky. As a result, motorists could only drive at walking speed over the Allgäu roads. According to the police, there were accidents on the A7 between Kempten and Oy-Mittelberg, but fortunately no one was seriously injured. Several centimeters of hail on the A7 also left drivers there only at walking speed. Heavy rain in Sonthofen Sudden heavy rain let run in Sonthofen of an underpass full of water. The water was about 30 centimeters high in the Sonthofen district of Rieden. Due to blocked manhole covers, no more water could run off there.

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