Two injured men (34 and 44), 90,000 damage and road closure

Source: (Glomex)

Two injured men, high property damage and a longer road closure are the results of a traffic accident on Friday morning shortly before 2 a.m. on the B30 near Enzisreute. A 34-year-old Renault driver, who was driving from Gaisbeuren to Enzisreute, wanted to overtake a car in front, according to previous findings. While swerving, he overlooked an oncoming truck and collided head-on with it. 34-year-old driver seriously injured The collision left the 34-year-old trapped in the Renault. He had to be freed by the fire department. With serious, but not life-threatening injuries, he was taken to a hospital by the rescue service. The 44-year-old driver of the truck suffered minor injuries and was also treated in a hospital. Property damage of 90,000 euros Both vehicles were severely damaged in the collision. Total damage amounted to approximately 90,000 euros. Both the car and the truck had to be towed away. The B30 was closed until shortly before 8 o'clock for accident investigation and recovery of the vehicles. Witness is sought The driver of the car that was supposed to be overtaken by the 34-year-old drove on after the accident. He is asked by the police to report under the telephone number 07563/9099-0.


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