House collapses in Memmingen during remodeling work - One person dies in the rubble

Source: (Glomex)

One person died, one person seriously injured After numerous emergency services arrived at the scene of the accident, a 73-year-old man was rescued with serious injuries. He was taken to a hospital by ambulance. Another person, a 42-year-old man, was buried by the debris and died on site from the injuries sustained, according to police. Another person, a 38-year-old man, was also on site at the time of the collapse. He was uninjured. Rescue dogs search the rubble To make sure that no other people were trapped by the collapse, rescue dogs searched the rubble. In order to secure the site of the accident, the task forces of the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) removed the part of the wall of the house that was still standing. Investigations into the collapse are underway The Criminal Investigation Service of the Memmingen Criminal Investigation Department has taken up the initial investigations at the site of the accident. According to current police findings, the men were at or in the house when one side of the wall of the house and the roof structure collapsed. Why it came to the collapse, is the subject of the police investigation. Large contingent in action In use were a total of about 45 forces of the fire department, 16 forces of the rescue service and the rescue dog squad, 20 forces of the THW, eight forces of the city of Memmingen and about 40 forces of the police. +++Update: 8:30 p.m.+++ Police told that one person died in the accident in Memmingen. Falling debris had injured the person so badly that he died when the house collapsed. +++Update: 6:55 p.m.+++ According to police, two people were seriously injured in the collapse. At least one person is believed to have been buried in the collapse. The house was an unoccupied property where remodeling work was being done. Currently, a large contingent of rescue workers is in action. Reference message: In Memmingen, a house collapsed on Friday afternoon. According to initial information from the police, the roof of the house collapsed during construction or remodeling work. Workers may have been buried in the collapse. A major operation is currently underway there. Rescue services, police and fire department are on the scene. Further information will follow!


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