67 tons heavy: New transformer for Sonthofen

Source: (Glomex)

A new transformer for one of the substations in Sonthofen has now been delivered to the NPP in the night from Monday to Tuesday by heavy transport. The new transformer for the central substation replaces a transformer that is already 50 years old. The new 67-ton transformer converts the voltage from 110kV to 20kV. The Mitte substation is one of two substations in Sonthofen and plays an important role in supplying power to Sonthofen and the surrounding communities. Replaced after 50 years In the course of the conversion of the substation, the transformer, which was more than 50 years old, was replaced. The delivery by heavy transport went off without a hitch. Nevertheless, a great deal of tact was once again required shortly before the destination. The team, weighing over 80 tons, had to reverse into the road. "The transformer, which is around seven meters long, three meters wide and four and a half meters high, weighs around 67 tons and was delivered by heavy goods transport from the manufacturer SGB in Regensburg. In order to disrupt road traffic as little as possible, the special transport covered most of the distance during the night hours," explains Bernhard Niemeier from Allgäuer Kraftwerke in Sonthofen. 400-ton crane in action On Tuesday morning, the transformer was then lifted by a 400-ton crane onto a trough, where it will then go into operation at the beginning of June. A second transformer, which is located on the site, will ensure the supply of power during the entire reconstruction phase of the substation.


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