EIFERSUCHT by Esther Vilar with Dani Sigel, Eva Christina Binder & Lara Neversal

Source: TV21 Austria (Glomex)

Everything revolves around him: Laszlo, successful lawyer in the prime of his life and happily married. For 27 years he has lived, with his wife Helen, also a lawyer, in a penthouse on the 24th floor of a well-to-do high-rise. A world that seems to be perfectly fine. But appearances are deceptive and it soon turns out that Laszlo not only loves Helen. In the same high-rise, only a few floors higher, lives Yana, architect of the building and several years younger than Helen. Aware of her superiority, she contacts Helen without further ado in order to outmaneuver her opponent. The two women engage in an uninhibited exchange of blows, which is tremendously funny and of a high linguistic and intellectual level. Iris, a 25-year-old yoga teacher, bursts into the fray and creates an electrifying turn of events... From September 9 to October 9, 2021


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