Madame Butterfly in the beginning was not Puccini

Source: TV21 Austria (Glomex)

Who does not know you, the touching story of the little Cho-Cho-San from Giaccomo Puccini's great opera. And now, after almost 100 years, the original version is finally available in German. MADAME BUTTERFLY Play by David Belasco Special guest performance Translation and direction Manfred Loydolt September 14-18, 2021 - Forum I 19:30h - ca. 21:30h (incl. intermission) In 1900, the brilliant theater man Belasco wove everything he knew about the genre into this play. And so some falsities have also found their way into the play. But all these facts should not distract from the fact that the present work is a delightful as well as touching story. And it is worthy of its existence alongside the great opera. But it is not new, for already the travel writer and lawyer John Luther Long wrote a novella of the same name, partly from a true story told to him, partly from a tale by the French officer Jaques Loti entitled 'Madame Chrysantheme'. All these stories deal with the same theme: the endless love of a little Japanese woman for a naval officer of an occupying force in the previous century. The meeting of the old Japan with the then modern West brought a lot of new and interesting things in almost all areas, especially of course in the cultural one. Both cultures needed a long time to understand each other. Even today we still feel something exotic in the Japanese way of life. Perhaps from this fact we can see how seduced the Navy Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton and how confused and fascinated our little Cho-Cho-San must have been at that time. The famous opera as a play !


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