Source: TV21 Austria (Glomex)

DIE WIENER ZAUBERFLÖTE Music Comedy Operetta with music by W. A. Mozart and Wenzel Müller June 23 & 26, 2021 - Forum I 19:30h - ca. 21:30h (incl. intermission) Prince Tamindoro gets lost while hunting in the forest, is pursued there by a vicious snake and is rescued by the powerful fairy Perifirime. In return, Perifirime asks him and his servant Kaspargeno to rescue her daughter Pamida, who is being held captive by the bitterly evil sorcerer Bosphoro. They are to be helped by a magic flute and a magic bassoon... Cast: Tamindoro, a prince - Hans-Jörg Gaugelhofer Kaspargeno, his companion - Christian Graf Perifirime, the radiant fairy - Anna Ihring Pamida, her daughter - Alice Waginger Palgena, her servant - Katharina Tschakert/ Christine d'ell Antonio Bosphoro, an evil sorcerer - Michael Pinsker Zumiostratos, his servant - Thomas Reisinger Musical direction: Max Schamschula Directed by Horst Dinges A Viennese Magic Flute - Viennese and very funny !


a music perifirime

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