Only two days before her death: Here she shows herself for the last time in public

Source: BUNTE (Glomex)

Leaning on a cane, styled as ever in a Caro skirt and blue top: This is how Queen Elizabeth II still receives the new Prime Minister of Great Britain Liz Truss on September 6, 2022. That this will be the last public appearance of the record monarch before her death two days later, neither the world public nor the politicians and advisors present suspect here. But already at this point, despite the beaming 96-year-old, all eyes are on her hand. It has a large blue discoloration. Whether it is an age spot or a sign of a serious illness is the subject of rumors at this time. The truth of the speculation is still unknown. But one thing is certain: with this last appearance, the blue-blooded British woman will be remembered as a proud representative of the monarchy.


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