The new Volvo EX30 - LED headlights with "Thor's Hammer" light motif

Source: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

The "Thor's Hammer" light motif of the LED daytime running lights integrated into the LED headlight units is probably the most striking feature of the current Volvo design language. Naturally, it can also be found on the Volvo EX30, which shows the characteristic feature in a new interpretation: narrower and in a new segmented design that gives the vehicle a modern, high-tech look. The LED tail lights also show a classic Volvo design feature in a new interpretation. They feature a two-part design with a separate upper and lower section, with the upper section running vertically along the rear window in typical Volvo style. In the lower section, they are connected by two horizontal black strips, which further emphasizes the width of the rear. Just like the headlights, the LED lights greet and bid farewell to the driver with modern light sequences.


a volvo led

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