Warehouse near Wasserburg in flames - At least 100,000 euros in property damage

Source: ALL-IN.DE (Glomex)

According to police on Friday morning, a passerby noticed around 23:30 that an agricultural hall in Wasserburg was on fire and immediately alerted the fire department. This could bring the fire fortunately under control. Due to the flames, the firewood stored in the hall and several vehicles were partially severely damaged and the hall itself was also severely damaged. Fortunately, no people were injured in the fire, but the property damage amounts to at least 100,000 euros. Cause of fire unclear The cause of the fire is still completely unclear. A total of about 120 firefighters from the volunteer fire departments of Wasserburg, Bodolz, Hege, Lindau and Nonnenhorn, as well as rescue workers and an emergency doctor from the Bavarian Red Cross, were on the scene. The first police investigations at the scene were led by the Lindau police department and the Memmingen Criminal Investigation Service. The further processing of the case to clarify the cause of the fire will be taken over by the specialist department of the Lindau criminal investigation department.


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