The Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E PERFORMANCE - Expressive design with striking front apron

Source: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

Form follows function: the design of the new C 63 S E PERFORMANCE differs from that of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class thanks to its more muscular proportions. The sedan and estate are based on an extensively modified AMG bodyshell. The front end is 50 millimeters longer, and the front fenders have been sculpted wider. Overall, the overall exterior dimensions differ considerably compared with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. In terms of length, the sedan and estate measure 83 millimeters more. The larger track width at the front axle results in 76 millimeters more overall width at the front. And the wheelbase grew by ten millimeters. All in all, the new C 63 S looks powerful and elongated. A new distinguishing feature, exclusive to the C 63 S E PERFORMANCE, is the narrow air outlet in the center of the hood. It merges elegantly with the two power domes. For the first time on a Mercedes-AMG production model, a round badge with black AMG crest replaces the Mercedes star with laurel wreath on the hood. Typical elements continue to be the AMG-specific radiator grille with vertical struts and the AMG front apron in jet-wing design. Flics, large inlets and air curtains direct the airflow specifically to its various functions. Two electronically controlled AIR PANELS (behind the radiator grille and in the front valance) enable air to be regulated as required.


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