Audi RS 3 Sportback and RS 3 Sedan - Maximum agility - RS Torque Splitter and RS 3-specific modes

Source: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

The RS Torque Splitter, installed for the first time in an Audi, provides more driving pleasure and a dynamic balance by replacing the previous rear axle differential with upstream multi-plate clutch package. Instead, an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch is used on each drive shaft, which variably distributes the drive torque between the two rear wheels. This ensures even greater stability and agility. In sporty driving, the torque splitter increases the drive torque to the respective outer rear wheel with the higher wheel load, which significantly reduces any tendency to understeer. In left-hand curves, it transfers the drive torque to the right rear wheel, in right-hand curves to the left, and when driving straight ahead to both rear wheels. The difference in propulsive forces allows the new RS 3 to turn into the curve even better and follow the steering angle more precisely - especially when cornering at high speeds. In addition to the torque splitter, seven Audi drive select systems also influence the engine and transmission application, steering assistance, adaptive dampers and exhaust flaps. Different characteristic curves of the aforementioned systems provide a wide spread of driving feel - from comfort-oriented and consumption-optimized to distinctly sporty and dynamic to race track-specific. The new RS 3 specific mode RS Performance is designed specifically for the racetrack with its own engine and transmission setup and is tuned to the Pirelli P Zero "Trofeo R" semi-slick tires, which are optionally available from the factory for the first time. The torque splitter ensures the most neutral possible handling with little understeer and oversteer in the various driving situations. This enables earlier acceleration at the exit of the corner, resulting in faster lap times. Another new feature is the RS Torque Rear mode, which enables drifts. It is designed for use on non-public roads. Here, the torque splitter transfers up to 100 percent of the drive force directed to the rear to one of the rear wheels - a maximum of 1,750 Newton meters. There are also efficiency, comfort, auto, and dynamic modes, as well as the RS Individual mode, which allows the systems to be set individually.


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