The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class - transmission - automatic now generally series

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The 9G-TRONIC transmission was further developed for the adaptation of the ISG and is used in all C-Class models. The electric motor, the power electronics and the transmission cooler have moved into or onto the transmission. Lines that were previously required are no longer necessary, which offers advantages in terms of installation space and weight. In addition, the efficiency of the transmission has been increased. Among other things, the optimized interaction with the electrical auxiliary oil pump enabled the delivery volume of the mechanical pump to be reduced by 30 percent compared to its predecessor - good for efficiency. In addition, a new generation of fully integrated transmission control with a multicore processor and new assembly and connection technology is used. In addition to the increased computing power, the number of electrical interfaces has been drastically reduced and the weight of the transmission control has been reduced by 30 percent compared to its predecessor. The 4MATIC drive of the all-wheel drive models has been further developed. With the new front-axle drive, higher torques can be transmitted and the axle load distributions ideal in terms of driving dynamics. In addition, there is a significant weight advantage compared to the corresponding component in the previous series - a contribution to reducing CO2. The technicians were able to further reduce the friction losses with the likewise new longitudinal transfer case. It also has a closed oil circuit and does not require any additional cooling measures


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