The Audi e-tron GT - Exterior design - dynamic sculpture with perfect proportions

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The all-electric Gran Turismo gives new impetus to Audi's design language: It is a dynamic sculpture that stands on the road as if modeled from a full volume. The Audi e-tron GT proves: The packaging of an e-car with its large battery and the fascinating design of a Gran Turismo with its flat silhouette and powerful proportions need not be a contradiction. This is made possible by a recess in the battery pack. Rear-seat passengers can place their feet in this so-called foot garage and thus adopt a lower seating position - with generous headroom despite the flat roofline. In combination with the wheel arches with up to 21-inch rims and the 2.90-meter wheelbase, this solution ensures ideal proportions and gives the high-performance GT an extraordinary presence on the road. On the expressively designed front of the e-tron GT, the single frame with the Audi rings serves as a clear identifier for the electric drive, as it is inverted in color: For the first time at Audi, the radiator grille, which reinterprets the classic honeycomb pattern, is painted in light rear-lag gray or body color, while a mask in dark Manhattan gray frames the grille and the side air intakes. While the single frame on the models with combustion engine primarily serves to cool the unit, it hides a large part of the sensor technology on the e-tron GT. Only the lower of the six corners have open sections for the air supply. The technology packaging of the electric drive enables a flat vehicle front - for the driver, this opens up a fascinating view over the front end directly onto the road. This view is focused by the fact that the front hood is framed on both sides by powerfully curved fenders. This unusual perspective and the dynamics of the drive system result in a driving experience that strongly defines the character of the electric Gran Turismo.


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