Hyundai BAYON - New crossover SUV celebrates world premiere

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The Hyundai BAYON (The new Hyundai BAYON is not yet for sale. Homologation and fuel consumption determination of the German country version will take place immediately before market launch) has been developed specifically for the European market and is the latest and most compact member of Hyundai's growing SUV family. The new Hyundai BAYON features a compact exterior and spacious interior. Its SmartSense safety systems and smart connectivity features set it apart in its segment. In line with its previous strategy for naming its SUV models, Hyundai also drew inspiration for the BAYON (pronounced [bɛɪ̯ɔn]) from a city, basing the name on the southwestern French town of Bayonne. Located between the Atlantic coast and the Pyrenees, it is a destination for sporty people who enjoy activities such as sailing and hiking - in keeping with the lifestyle character of the new model. As the BAYON is designed for the European market, Hyundai also made a conscious decision to name the vehicle after a European city.


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