Honda launches safety system with driving functions according to level 3

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The new Honda SENSING Elite safety technology enables automated driving according to level 3 under certain conditions and is used in the Honda Legend Hybrid EX, which will be available for leasing in Japan from March 5th. Honda SENSING Elite builds on the Honda SENSING safety technology, which is standard equipment in all vehicles offered in Europe. One of the innovations is the “traffic jam pilot” function, which enables automated driving according to level 3 (conditional autonomous driving in certain traffic situations). Honda has received the appropriate approval from the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). The traffic jam pilot function can be used in certain situations, e.g. B. take over driving the vehicle from the driver in heavy traffic or on the highway. The automated driving system uses various data and sensors. The position of the vehicle and the traffic conditions are recorded on the basis of three-dimensional, high-resolution maps, global navigation satellite data and 360-degree monitoring of the vehicle's immediate surroundings. A camera installed in the interior monitors the driver at the same time. On the basis of this information, the main control unit (ECU) is able to recognize and evaluate traffic situations and carry out high-level control of acceleration, deceleration and steering in order to offer efficient and smooth driver assistance


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