Renault 5 Prototype - Back to the future with style and emotion

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

An exciting balancing act: with another behind-the-scenes look at Renault's design department, we once again reveal the secrets behind the fascinating design of the iconic Renault 5 Prototype. François Leboine, Director of Renault's Concept Cars and Studies Design Department, talks about the demanding challenge of building bridges between the past and the future. To evoke beautiful memories, to "provoke a smile." François Leboine wanted to achieve no more and no less with the Renault 5 Prototype. The design process began with brainstorming. Leboine and his team started by collecting everything they could get their hands on about the Renault 5 from the 1970s: from photos to contemporary magazines and brochures to original drawings by the designer of the time, Michel Boué, and a life-size object on loan from the Renault Classic department.


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