The new Lexus LS - focus on performance, comfort and noise

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

With the fifth generation of models introduced in 2018, Lexus has made a big step forward in terms of vehicle development. The current LS is the first vehicle to benefit from the advantages of the GA-L platform: from the outstanding balance of the chassis, the low center of gravity and the significantly increased body rigidity. Further components are the new multi-link suspension and the optimized adaptive variable damper system AVS: A relatively simple nine-stage system became an almost seamless, continuous damper control with 650 levels. The Lexus driving experience is formed from all of these components: a combination of sophistication, comfort and quality that is typical of the Japanese premium brand. The properties of the dampers, which ensure that the unevenness of the road surface are absorbed, are a guarantee of high driving comfort. To further increase comfort, the AVS damper system has new lifting magnets and enlarged flow channels in the control valve. The optimizations also improve driving stability and the feedback from the steering


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