2021 Aprilia Tuono 660 Design

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

One of the most anticipated and admired bikes of recent years has arrived: it is an Aprilia product and it bears a well-known and highly respected name by all sport riders, identified as a true thrill generator. It is no common naked sport bike: it is the Tuono. Tuono 660 is the direct descendant of the Tuono V4, from which it has inherited all the qualities that are so popular with the public and critics. For the first time in its illustrious history, the character and values that have made the majestic Tuono V4 famous are now also available in a medium-engine bike, thereby giving a broader audience the chance to ride an extraordinary bike. Aprilia was the first to see the advantages of making a more minimalist version with a more raised ride, starting from a chassis architecture and engine born for racing, giving every generation of Tuono incomparable dynamic qualities. Tuono 660 best represents the new concept of sport versatility that Aprilia introduced with the RS 660. Just one bike for total fun on the road or on the track, also ideal as a daily rider, on your own or two-up. Excellent performance for everyone, refined frame and suspension and premium content, offering a new take on sportiness. In observance of this traditions, from the RS 660, the Tuono 660 is born, characterised by the same technical content, but with more of a street and daily-rider connotation, provided by the raised riding position on the wide handlebar which guarantees better agility and riding comfort. Tuono 660 is a unique project of its kind: a 95 HP medium-engine twin cylinder with high technological content that results in outstanding performance, charm and light weight, the lightest in its segment with its 183 kg kerb weight. This is almost total fun and it is guaranteed by the qualities of the by now proverbial Aprilia chassis architecture, combined with the best-in-class weight/power ratio. As always, Tuono 660 is proudly built in the Aprilia Scorzè plant, close to Noale, and it is dedicated to new riders, since it is also available in the 35 kW version, but it is also for riders moving up from smaller engine capacities looking for a high-level sport bike that can provide fun on the road and is also ready to support the rider on the occasional track day.


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