Perfect through the winter with 4MOTION all-wheel drive

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

Volkswagen's 4MOTION all-wheel drive is a successful technology with many facets. The current extreme winter conditions give reason for a deeper insight and a small retrospective. Fantastic snowy landscapes all over Germany, temperatures far below the zero degree mark - a winter fairy tale. On the roads, however, this means a very special challenge for drivers in and vehicle. This is where all-wheel drive has been helping for decades, preventing the wheels from spinning and improving traction. Volkswagen launched the Passat Variant GT syncro in 1984 as the first all-wheel-drive model. Since then, vehicles with four driven wheels have been among the cornerstones of the model range. Volkswagen has continued to develop all-wheel drive from a technical point of view up to the present day. From 1996, the term "syncro" became "4MOTION". Today, all-wheel drive is networked with the latest assistance systems and offers performance like never before. This is why the all-wheel-drive models are so popular, and not just among winter sports enthusiasts.


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