The new Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible - The Design

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

As with its predecessor, Jaguar again opted for a high-quality fabric soft top for the F-TYPE. Compared to a steel folding roof, it offers weight and space advantages and helps keep the center of gravity low. The soft top can be opened fully automatically up to a speed of just under 50 km/h in twelve seconds and closed again just as quickly. Meanwhile, in the cockpit, there was a clear separation between the driver and passenger compartments - made visually clear by a grab handle on the edge of the center console on the passenger side. The message: everything is focused on the driver and his interaction with the electronic and mechanical components, which together create a unique driving experience. Chief engineer Mike Cross, Jaguar's most qualified chassis specialist, saw it that way at the time. His confession: "I've never had so much fun developing a new car before!"

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