The new Volkswagen ID.4 - A car for all cases

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

With the ID.3, Volkswagen has taken e-cars out of their niche and opened a new chapter in sustainable individual mobility. Now the story continues with the SUV ID.4. The latest e-model from the ID. Family starts in the world's largest market segment, the compact SUV class. According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, one in four people in Germany alone drives a compact class vehicle, one in eight a mid-range car and one in twelve drives an SUV. For all of these people, the ID.4 may be the next car. Why? Because the first electric SUV from the Volkswagen brand refutes almost all prejudices against e-cars, offers many different uses and should therefore be attractive to a wide range of customers. The ID.4 comes onto the market in Europe with two edition models - the ID.4 1ST and the ID.4 1ST Max. In Germany they cost 49,950 euros and 59,950 euros respectively (both with 19 percent VAT). Your customers are also entitled to 9,000 euros net funding each time. This means that the ID.4 is on a par with the Tiguan - Germany's most popular SUV


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