Vayyar’s industry-first in-cabin safety solution

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

Vayyar, the global leader in 4D imaging radar, is advancing its mission of protecting every life on the road with the auto industry’s first in-cabin safety ‘combo’ solution. Powered by a single sensor, it’s designed to prevent both the “hot car” incidents that have claimed the lives of thousands of children as well as the countless deaths and injuries caused by vehicle occupants neglecting to wear seat belts. By providing OEMs and Tier 1s multifunctionality on a single-chip platform, Vayyar is ensuring affordable, leading-edge safety for all vehicle models. As part of the global effort to improve in-car safety, Euro NCAP is introducing stricter scoring criteria across all protocols, starting in 2023. Child Presence Detection (CPD) will be worth up to four points, while the existing requirement for front and rear Seat Belt Reminders (SBR) will become a precondition for achieving three additional Occupant Status (OS) points. Vayyar’s solution enables vehicles to earn these crucial seven safety points, while enhancing user experience by minimizing false alarms.


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