The "Boxster" sports car study - Pioneering design and clever detail solutions

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The name is an artificial word derived from the first syllable of the word boxer and the second syllable of the word roadster. This not only provides a succinct reference to the vehicle genre, but also to the boxer engine - the technically outstanding feature that has distinguished the 356 since 1948 and the Porsche 911 since 1963. Grant Larson, now Director of Special Projects, was responsible for the design of the study. The designer recalls: "In October 1991 - I was responsible for pre-development in design at the time - I visited the Tokyo Motor Show. There, Audi presented the Avus Quattro study. At the end of 1991, series development of the Boxster and 996 was already underway in other areas, and we decided to build a show car. I had complete freedom in the design. All the designs were created as 2D drawings. In other words, not yet on the screen as they are today.


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