The new Hyundai TUCSON N Line - driving comfort and agility at the highest level

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The new TUCSON N Line was developed and tested in Europe. As for the normal TUCSON, an optional adaptive suspension system can be ordered for the N Line. This system offers additional flexibility on the road with the aid of adaptive damping (Electronic Controlled Suspension, ECS). Thanks to ECS, Hyundai engineers have achieved a highly versatile ride that can adapt to the driving situation and the driver's preferences. ECS automatically and continuously controls the spring/damper tuning to achieve both ride comfort and agility at the highest level. To do this, the electronics permanently take into account various parameters: Speed, road surface, cornering, braking requirements and acceleration. By being able to regulate the damper force at each individual wheel, ECS noticeably reduces roll, pitch, and vertical body movement - improving comfort and making the vehicle safer and easier to handle in sporty driving.


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