The new Porsche Taycan - Innovative drive engine and dynamic driving performance

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

Impressive acceleration values, typical sports car pulling power and superior, permanently available performance - these are also the strengths of the new entry-level model in the series. With an active length of 130 millimeters, the permanently excited synchronous machine on the rear axle is just as long as the corresponding drive component of the Taycan 4S. The pulse inverter on the rear axle operates at up to 600 amps. In addition to the permanently excited synchronous machine on the rear axle, the drive architecture includes a two-speed transmission. As with its model brothers, the highlights include intelligent charging management and exemplary aerodynamics. With a cw value from 0.22, it makes a decisive contribution to low energy consumption and thus a long range. The maximum recuperation power is 265 kW.


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