Kia RIO GT 1.0 - Mild Hybrid with fuel-saving Electric Manual Transmission (iMT)

Source: Motorredaktion (Glomex)

intelligent manual Clutsch - what's behind it. A manual transmission that can disengage despite being in gear. This is known as the sailing function in expensive automatic transmissions. No one has yet managed this with manual transmissions, except KIA! We test the new transmission in the KIA RIO GT Mild Hybrid. This means that it can not only switch off the engine at full speed, it can also recuperate, i.e. store electricity back into an extra battery from the energy generated when coasting and braking. A lot of technology, but the good thing is that none of it matters when driving. The small car drives quite normally, all further information about it in the test video with Nico-Alexander Wilhelm.


manual kia transmission

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