The new Porsche Cayenne - hybridization as an important milestone

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The first generation of the Cayenne was penned by Harm Lagaaij, the head of design at the time, and starts out as a Turbo and S. The model update adds the GTS and Turbo S derivatives, and later the diesel. In total, more than 275,000 vehicles rolled off the production line. The second generation includes the S Hybrid, which later becomes the S E-Hybrid. Porsche again sets standards in 2014 with one of the first plug-in hybrids in the premium SUV segment. We attached great importance to hybridization after launching eight- and six-cylinder models," explains Wöhler. "Our hybrid concept was a significant milestone for the Cayenne on the way to the 2014 plug-in hybrid, which had an electric range of more than 30 kilometers." With this pioneering role, he said, they have again opened up new markets, set another benchmark, first as a hybrid, then as a plug-in hybrid. In 2017, the third generation will be launched, with sharpened driving dynamics, optimized everyday practicality, lower consumption and CO2 values.


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