New Jeep Compass Hybrid - Clean into nature with the Trailhawk

Source: Motorredaktion (Glomex)

"Everyone wants to go back to nature, but nobody wants to walk." . . . Yes, it's ancient, and yet, the air stays clean. So at least an electric jet through the forest is exclusively possible. This option can be set on the new Jeep Compass plug-in hybrid. Under the model designation 4xe, a petrol engine fires the front axle and an electric motor hums the rear axle. In mixed operation, both machines deliver a system output of 240 hp and achieve 520 Nm in the push-pull combination with our Trailhawk model. Jeep has now electrified another model with the Compass. And the highlight? All-wheel drive is only available as a hybrid version! We explain in the video why the juice never runs out in the field


jeep compass hybrid

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