The typical dish of the Christmas lunch - tortellini - Interview with Massimiliano Poggi

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The MINI Countryman continued its journey along the boot covering 129 km, leaving Verona behind to set out to discover one of the undisputed protagonist dishes on Italian tables: tortellini in broth, a typical Bolognese recipe. According to tradition, in the menu of a Christmas lunch this type of filled fresh pasta cannot be missing, in the variants in chicken broth or capon, and the Il Cambio restaurant, by chef Massimiliano Poggi is one of the most famous places to taste best Bolognese tortellini. Massimiliano Poggi, 30 years of experience in the kitchen, is one of the best known and most respected chefs in Bologna. He knows Emilia-Romagna well and pays homage to it in all his dishes, evoking childhood memories and forgotten flavors

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