Intelligence against the blackout - Audi e-tron is ready for grid-serving charging

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

If many electric cars charge at the same time, the lights go out in the street - this is a fear that skeptics of electromobility paint as a gloomy vision of the future. Audi has found a clear answer to this in a model test: intelligent and grid-serving charging relieves the strain on the power grid and can thus help to further increase acceptance of electromobility. The Audi e-tron models and the connect charging system are already ready for this today. In a research project, Audi, together with the company GISA and other partners, has mapped an overload scenario in the local power grid: Several electric cars are charging simultaneously at high power in a street that is supplied by a local grid transformer. So-called grid-serving charging is intended to counteract overloading with intelligent management of charging processes and avoid grid overload.


a charging audi

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