Opel Infopress Best of 2020

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The sixth generation of the Opel Corsa is the most innovative in the history of an iconic model that has sold some 14 million units since 1982. Technologically advanced, it offers a design with a strong personality, a sporty temperament and a range that includes a fully electric version. The new Opel Corsa is, with its 337 km driving range as prescribed in the WLTP cycle, can be recharged to 80 percent in half an hour and is the perfect car for everyday use. The power of 100 kW and the instantaneous torque of 260 Nm underline its dynamic qualities, while the connectivity and driving assistance systems are comparable to those of higher-end models. Thanks to tax benefits, environmental bonus and lower maintenance costs, the electric motor offers reduced running costs, with a similar or better total cost of ownership than internal combustion engine versions.


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