New MBUX generation with intelligent new features such as "Mercedes Travel Knowledge"

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

Mercedes-Benz is presenting the new MBUX feature "Mercedes Travel Knowledge" for the first time exclusively at CES. This intelligent function evaluates map data and, in addition, the surroundings and provides a wealth of information on interesting landmarks along the route, from individual buildings or points of interest to entire cities. Drivers or passengers can ask a question as they drive by - for example, "Hey Mercedes, what can you tell me about this building?" or "Hey Mercedes, what's the name of the restaurant on the left?" - and the information appears on the respective display and is also output via the voice assistant. Thanks to a flexible update concept of MBUX via the cloud, this feature will also be experienced immediately in the new S-Class in addition to the EQS.


mercedes of mbux

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