The New SEAT Tarraco Highlights

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

Subsequently, the great era of SUVs dawned. Shortly after the market launch of the SEAT Ateca compact SUV in spring 2016, it quickly became clear that customers wanted spacious vehicles with large trunks, ample comfort features and the highest safety standards. This was the birth of the SEAT Tarraco, which remains one of the Spanish automaker's mainstays to this day. The vehicle is a large SUV that brings all the features that customers are still asking for in 2020. Of course, it also offers the dynamism and emotion of typical SEAT design: rims up to 20 inches in diameter, a spacious interior with five or even seven seats, yet a manageable weight starting at 1,599 kilograms. The SEAT Tarraco stands for an exciting driving experience - regardless of whether buyers choose one of the gasoline engines with 150 to 190 hp or the diesel, which delivers from 150 to 200 hp. Customers can also choose between manual transmission and 7-speed DSG, as well as between front-wheel drive and 4Drive all-wheel drive.


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