SsangYong tests vehicles with autonomy level 3

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

SsangYong is now testing autonomous driving at level 3 on public roads in Korea. The country's Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has issued a permit to this effect for the first road tests with a SsangYong Korando, in which the safety and reliability of the systems will be tested. SsangYong had previously tested autonomous driving systems with a Tivoli XLV. Level 3 autonomous means that the vehicle takes control most of the time in everyday driving situations, including on the highway. The Korando can automatically change lanes, maintain position, speed and distance from the vehicle ahead, and comply with speed limits. High-resolution map material with precise position data is used for this purpose. In addition, the self-driving Korando analyzes traffic conditions at intersections and turns and initiates lane changes to overtake slower vehicles. If a risk or obstacle is detected in the blind spot when changing lanes, a warning is given and the vehicle changes back to the original lane.


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