Factory 56 - Sustainable production thought holistically

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

"Like digitization, the issue of sustainability is also viewed and implemented holistically in Factory 56. In addition to environmentally and resource-saving production, this also includes social and societal responsibility, always against the background of economic activity . The Factory 56 thus makes a significant contribution to the sustainability goals of the Group. The conservation of resources and the reduction of energy consumption form the supporting pillars. Factory 56 produces CO2-neutrally from the start and thus becomes a Zero Carbon Factory. Overall, the Factory 56 the required energy requirement is reduced by a quarter compared to other assembly halls. On the roof of Factory 56 there is a photovoltaic system that supplies the hall with self-generated, green electricity. This means that around 30 percent of the electricity requirements of Factory 56 Part of the electricity flows into a Innovative direct current network, which will improve the energy efficiency of the hall in future during operation. For example, building services systems such as ventilation devices are operated with it. A stationary energy storage device based on vehicle batteries is also connected to the direct current network. With a total capacity of 1,400 kWh, it is used to temporarily store excess solar electricity from the photovoltaic system. Modern lighting, consisting of LEDs and an innovative blue-sky architecture, which enables employees to work in daylight, creates a pleasant working atmosphere and at the same time saves energy. "


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