The Lamborghini Sián Roadster - The Interior Design

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

"The 4xe electric vehicle technology is the natural further development of almost 80 years of leading Jeep® tradition. New level of efficiency, environmental responsibility, dynamism and performance on the road and off-road Jeep Wrangler 4xe Will be available in Europe, China and the United States in early 2021.Electric Powertrain on Demand improves the Wrangler's performance on the road, delivering crisp starts from a standstill and plenty of thrust even at low speeds, and peak torque on demand at very low speeds the legendary off-road capabilities of the Wrangler The Wrangler 4xe is first and foremost a Jeep Wrangler with trail-rated chassis: solid front and rear axles, two-stage transfer case, high axle articulation and 76 centimeters fording depth Two-liter turbo four-cylinder Petrol engine T-GDI, two electric motors and TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic converter rive battery pack with 400 volts, 17 kilowatt hours and 96 lithium-ion cells under the rear seat protected from external influences 4xe components do not reduce the usable interior space Exclusive exterior design for the Wrangler 4xe "


4xe of wrangler

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