The Mercedes-Benz EQV - Electric Intelligence

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

" The EQV is integrated into an electromobile ecosystem that supports the driver to reach your destination without fear of range. The key to this is the innovative MBUX infotainment system and the Mercedes me app. All EQ-specific displays and settings can be operated in the MBUX EQ menu via the high-resolution 10.25 inch touchscreen. For example, the pre-air conditioning can be activated, the charging settings can be adjusted and the navigation can be operated with Electric Intelligence and the Mercedes me Charge functions. The electrical intelligence begins with the planning of the journey - either via MBUX in the vehicle or the Mercedes me app in advance. This is how the family excursion can be conveniently planned from the breakfast table: Simply select the destination and the desired departure time for the pre-air conditioning so that the EQV has a pleasant temperature right from the start. When it starts, MBUX updates the route sent to the vehicle via the app based on numerous factors such as current traffic and weather data, route topography, current range and available charging stations. "


mbux eqv intelligence

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