The new Honda e Advance - with a built-in aquarium!

Source: Motorredaktion (Glomex)

The Honda e is a fully electric city vehicle. With the HONDA-E, the Japanese want to score points in European metropolises as well: slightly retro and yet innovative. With a maximum range of 222 km, the car is intended more as a city electric vehicle. Rare: it comes with rear-wheel drive. It is available with an output of 100 kW (136 hp) and as a Honda e Advance with 113 kW (154 hp). The maximum torque in both versions is 315 Nm; the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is 9.0 seconds. Impressive, the dashboard, which is more of a monitor board. After all, if nothing works, the aquarium function is there to calm you down

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