Happy Holidays from Rauno

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

He is known the world over as the Rally Professor, but too much theory puts a damper on the mood of even the most ardent specialist at some point. Owing to the lockdown regulations, Rauno Aaltonen had to stay at home in Finland over the past eight months. No outings onto the rally track, no tests of strength in historic competitions, no practice training sessions instructing young learners with a passion for motor sport. Meanwhile, Aaltonen is 82 years old but the itch to floor the pedal has never really gone away. And his astonishing level of fitness still allows him to be a potent force behind the steering wheel. Never before had he been forced to do without driving a car for such a long time as during the pandemic year of 2020. And, no, he really isn’t cut out for retirement.


a of rauno

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