Toyota Mirai MTE - Ryotaro Shimizu, Deputy chief engineer

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

When developing the new Mirai, Toyota optimized every aspect of the vehicle so that it appeals to customers emotionally - in terms of power delivery and performance as well as the way the car drives and looks. The declared goal was to increase the range compared to the first generation to a level that exceeds most purely battery-electric cars. To achieve this, the engine output and the capacity of the hydrogen tanks increased, as did aerodynamic efficiency. The result: a 30 percent larger radius of action that now reaches a good 650 kilometers. This means that the Mirai is now finally moving up into the long-haul vehicle class. Toyota has devoted itself equally intensively to the room layout. The modular GA-L platform, which serves as the basis for the new Mirai, enables considerably more effective packaging. In favor of a more balanced arrangement of the new FCEV drive train, the fuel cell unit has now moved under the hood. In this way, it clears the way for a larger interior space that can now accommodate five passengers.


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