The new Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA from the perspective of the people behind the project

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

At the end of 2020, the year in which Alfa Romeo celebrated its 110th birthday, Arnaud Leclerc, Head of Alfa Romeo EMEA, Klaus Busse, Head of Design EMEA and Fabio Migliavacca, Head of Product Marketing EMEA, reveal the background to the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA project. The four-door high-performance sedan is the most powerful production vehicle in the history of Alfa Romeo, a super sports car for road and race track. With a power output of 397 kW (540 hp), the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA is a gift that the brand makes to every Alfa Romeo fan and every lover of automobiles in general. In the video, Leclerc, Buses and Migliavacca convey the emotions they have lived through during the project. They look back on development, design and production, on the time span from the first sketches to the market launch. For them, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA is a true brand icon, a symbol of Italian culture and performance, Italian design and technical know-how. The two model versions GTA and GTAm - the "m" stands for modified - are built together only 500 times. In this detail too, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA pays homage to one of the most symbolic vehicles in the brand's history: the 1965 Giulia GTA.


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