BMW VR production planing - Body Paintshop

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The possible uses of game technology and virtual reality applications are manifold in the automotive sector. The BMW Group, the first automotive company together with Epic Games to define and structure an enterprise licence for the industrial use of Unreal Engine, designed a self-developed mixed reality system. This is consistently used and expanded in vehicle development. The BMW iX is the first car that has been developed using the game engine we modified for our purposes. BMW’s use of Unreal Engine is invaluable, especially in the strategic innovation fields. You can very quickly create 3D renderings, for example, that take account of light effects and light reflections on different materials, among other things. But most importantly, it allows the functional and user experience to be brought to life and implemented in real time at a very early development stage. These advantages led to the early development of the technology into a global platform.


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