Audi CEO sees no future for hydrogen cars

Source: tv.ingolstadt (Glomex)

Audi CEO Markus Duesmann sees no future for hydrogen and fuel cells as a drive for cars. "We will not be able to produce the hydrogen required for the drive system in sufficient quantities in a CO2-neutral manner in the next few decades. I therefore do not believe in hydrogen for use in cars", he told the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit". "The solution for the car is the battery. But the Audi boss added: "The world is a big place, and electrification is not the right tool for every country in the world. Car drivers "ask themselves many questions: How far will I get? Where do I get the electricity? How long does the battery last? What do I do when I go on vacation?" When it comes to automated driving, Audi 2024 is likely to have


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